10x10 monthly rental

​80.00 plus 2.00 processing fee

10x20" Space or Food or Alcohol, Monthly

125.00 plus 2.00 processing fee


95.00 10x20 4x/m w/ electric

plus 2.00  process fee

fill out this application and call to exipidite 

you can call 9193952080 or use our contact form in Location Tab.  The deposit can be made using PayPal. This deposit allows us to verify your application, and if accepted as a vendor you will be credited.for your lease type. 

To arrange for a meeting, fill out the application and note in the comment section you would like to meet and your thoughts.  Non Profits do not need to submit a deposit for a review but must submit their tax exempt ID


Year Round HOURS

Food Trucks

Watch site or FB for vendors​

​New schedule out by January 2018

Local artists and entrepreneurs, space renters, email or call us.

Check Event Times

Sundays through Saturdays

Saturday: 9am-2 PM

Special events times vary

Holidays: Closed  Labor Day, 

Christmas and New Years

 ++Closing times may vary++

Special Events have their own time

Call us: +1.919-395-2080

Park available for your event

(1) 165.00 Parking rental plus Electric 2.00 processing fee(s)

End of Month Flea Market  Special, 10.00/10x10+ $1 PPfee 

10'x20' Single Event or Alcohol or Food 

       25.00 plus 2.00 processing 

          10'x10' Space 

           Single event.

15.00 plus 1.00 processing

    50.00 plus 2.00 paypal 4x/m 10x10 lawn or

2/m-10x7 on concrete