October Events Events At The Oasis

                Lobster and Oysters, Octoberfest

                      Live Music, Shopping, and More

           Check Events Page for events through 2017

VENDORS WANTED SIGN UP  To sell Saturdays Sept 30th, October 7 and November 25, 15.00 Total

Must be there to set up by 8AM

all other days/events 10x10 space 15.00per event - good for all day

 Shopping and Food Trucks with Shopping, VENDORS WANTED not just food

                    Third Fridays Music and Fun throughout Downtown starting here at 5:30PM-9 or 10 PM  

Farmers Market Every Saturday 9-2 Wednesday Farmers start up at 10-1 

Home of the Siler City Farmers Market

Welcome to the original location of the Siler City Farmers Market. We are proud to say they are back and have wonderful farm fresh and homemade goods.

Questions about joining the SC Farmers Association

Call Joan Thompson at 919.742.5442


Year Round HOURS

+specifically for


​Check Event Times

Wednesday - Friday: 10am-2pm

Third Friday 4pm-9pm
Saturday: 9am-2/3pm

Sunday Special 11:30-3/4

(Closing time may vary)
Sunday, Monday and Tuesday: Closed
Holidays: Closed  Labor Day, 

Christmas and New Years

 ++Closing times may vary++

Special Events have their own time

Call us: +1.919-395-2080

Park available for your event

 Food Trucks - Thursdays through Saturdays and Events. 

Cousins Maine Lobster is BACK!!!
Serving lunch 11:30-3PM
M and C’s Funnel Cakes
October 7 9-2 1x per month
Flea Market w/ Set up by 8AM for $5
Farmers Market 9-1:30
October 14 9-1:30 Farmers Market
NC Fresh Catch 1-7 PM serving seafood
9-12 Mark Holland Blues
11:30-2 Anne Arader Acoustic
2-7 Guest Bands
Beer Served by Siler City Development Organization
Pupusas y Tacos
Homemade funnel cakes, ice cream and desserts
Bounce-with-US Kids concessions
Non-food vendors $15,
​October 20 Octoberfest w. Four Saints Brewery
Smokehouse Bistro serving Bavarian Cuisine
 Laura jane Vincent 530-645
Barney’s band 645-8
Emily Stewart of Magpie 8-9
Four Saints Brewing Company Chatham Cider Works
October 21,
9-1:30 Farmers Market
Pupusas y Tacos
Barney’s Hotdogs
Funnel Cakes
9-12 Mark Holland Blues Musician
October 28 – Artisan Mobile Kitchen, Farm to Fork
food truck
Farmers Market 9-1
9:30-12;30 Mark Holland Blues Extraordinaire
12;30-3 Ann Arader Acoustic Wonder
Farmers Market 9-2 Saturday and 10-1 Wednesdays Farmers. SC Farmers have the best prices and freshest meats, jams/jellies/pickled produce, baked goods,veggies and fruiteggs, cheeses, all included in that assortment

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday Food Trucks.
Vendor Space available for 15.00